Which one is Pocketphuzz ?

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The "PHUZZ".

Matthew Vicari...."I'm a bass player from Long Island. I started playing the bass because I went to a Rush concert and got inspired by Geddy Lee. I play a Fender Jazz Bass.

Julianna Gape...."I have been singing for years and have performed at Webster Hall, The Knitting Factory, Highline Ballroom, and The Gathering Of The Vibes Festival. Funk and Jazz have to be my favorite genres of music. I have wanted to be a singer since I could talk, and began to take singing lessons after hearing my favorite singer....Hayley Williams. She and a few others, such as Janis Joplin, Gwen Stefani, and Lizzy Hale have inspired me to chase my dreams and persue being a singer. Being on stage and singing to people is one of the greatest feelings in the world and there is nothing I would rather be doing"

Zack Silverberg....."I am the guitarist and I have been playing for about 9 years. I've always wanted to get into that the whole funk, loose fusion style of music but it's hard to find people who want to play this stuff. This is why I ended up with some of the best musicians I know. My biggest influence at the moment is the Marcus King Band....they are the one's to really push me over the edge into the style. I've turned into a real gear freak. I play a Fender Stratocaster with pickups wound by the same guy who made them for Stevie Ray Vaughan
Zack on Pocketphuzz "The hardest part for us isn't creating the music, the hardest part so far is explaining what kind of band we are....We are a Blues, Jazz, Funk inspired Rock band from Long Island, New York"

Nicholas Barone....Keyboards and Trumpet.....""I started playing the keys and trumpet when I was about 8 years old. At first, I learned mostly classical music. Eventually, I started exploring different genres like rock, blues, jazz, and funk. My favorite thing to do while playing is improvising and jamming because no matter what song or style I'm playing, it'll be new and different every time. With a group of people like Pocketphuzz playing with me, it brings the energy up and makes it the most fun thing in the world."

Blake Carey....Trombone...."I've played the Trombone for five years. My favorite genres of music are definetely funk, jazz, and rock. Trombone Shorty and J.J. Johnson are two of my influences although there are many more. I've played countless gigs in places such as Citi Field and The Bitter End in NYC. I love Pocketphuzz and the Trombone is my life

Jager Soss....Drums, Vocals... I could tell you about so many different drummers who have influenced me....but I will just mention two for now; one from yesterday and one playing right now...Buddy Rich and Stanton Moore.

MY CURRENT KIT Mapex Mydentity five piece drum set 22×18 bass drum, 12×7 rack tom, 14×14 floor,16×16 floor tom, snare drum 14×5.5 Zildjian k cymbals K 24 inch light ride , k 15 inch light hi hats, k 18 inch custom dark crash Lp ( Latin Percussion ) 8 inch micro snare, 12 inch Stanton Moore panderio, e-s7 cowbell DW 6000 series hardware,Pure Sound snare wires, Remo drum heads, Vic Firth sticks......http://www.JagerSoss.com